Incredible Colours of India

The Colours of India campaign emphasized India’s diverse cultural spectrum. Featuring breathtaking images and colour-based headlines such as Coffee Brown and Red Hot, the campaign was launched globally in 71 leading newspapers and magazines.

Red Hot
Hundreds of spices. Thousands of curries. Millions of colours. Billions of people. Incredible India. Food for thought.

Pure White
It took 20,000 workers, 1,000 elephants and 17 years to build the Taj Mahal. World heritage site. Ultimate symbol of love

Mustard Yellow
100% recyclable. 100% biodegradable. 100% eco-friendly. 100% self-sufficient. 100% rural tourism.

Water Colours
232 lakes. 273 rivers. 7,517 km of coastline. 350,000 picture postcards. Incredible India. Choose your colour

Revolutionary Green
Economists say this is the world's fastest growing region. With 130,000 species of flora and fauna and nearly 70 million hectares of forests, environmentalists would agree.

Mystic Maroon
Born 563 BC. Enlightened in 528 BC. Great passing in 483 BC. Still lives in millions of hearts. Buddha, The Enlightened One.
Deep Purple
Mountaineering. Ice skating. Trekking. Rock climbing. Paragliding. Snow skiing. Heli-skiing. Rock concerts. Welcome to the world's highest playground.

Charcoal Grey
Have a thirty-six course banquet cooked for you. Shop for over sixty kinds of tulips. Access e-mail round the clock. All without ever setting foot on land.

Tea Green
The world's largest crop, hand-picked from 1641 estates. Get to the source of your daily cup of tea and you'll find a truly refreshing vacation.

Flaming Orange
With over 147 dance forms, the world's longest epics and more festivals than there are days in a year, the last thing you watch here is cable.

Coffee Brown
29 states. 22 languages. 1652 dialects. 340 days of sunlight. A very warm welcome.
Pure Gold
476 forts and palaces. Three of the world's top five hotels. And a palace on wheels. The emperors are long gone, but their lifestyle remains.
15,641 religious monuments. 300 architectural styles. 117 world heritage sites. Work, that's worthy of worship.

Honey Brown
In a culture as steeped in hospitality as ours, the guest has pride of place. That would probably explain why we have three of the world's top five hotels.
60% of the world's tiger population. Spread across 60 national parks and 400 wildlife sanctuaries. Amazing holiday pictures, if you can keep your hands from shaking.
Golden Yellow
476 forts and palaces. Three of the world's top five hotels. And a palace on wheels to whisk you through the dunes. Whoever said life was hard in the desert.
For centuries Indian spices were traded and smuggled over dangerous waters and routes. Now easily available in 50g, 100g and 500g packets.
With three oceans lapping against our shores and 4,761 square miles of coastline, the picture above keeps reproducing itself.
Oil Paint
Way, way before spa treatments and natural care was popular, Indians were getting the best of both. Discover 5,000 years of Ayurveda.
Sun Tan
Shown here is the Sukasana. Cross your leg. Keep your spine straight. Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat for relaxation and better posture. What's not shown above are the remaining 1,300 yoga positions.


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