Top 10 cities for the Indian foodie

Top 10 cities for the Indian foodie A culinary adventure is one of the best ways to end the year. Here is what you can get in top ten food destinations in India.  

If you are out of ideas for an adventure, how about a culinary adventure this vacation? Take your pick from our list of top ten Indian locations you shouldn’t miss a meal at: 

1. Delhi: 
The capital city can also be safely termed the food capital of India. A plethora of dishes, from chaats, cholebature torajma chawal and parathe, make it an ideal destination for an outstanding gastronomic treat. A good mix of popular Punjabi dishes and street food, Delhi offers innumerable goodies. One should not miss the variety of delights at Chandni Chawk and Bengali market. 

2. Goa: The tourist state offers a heady cocktail of good food. Go high on the Goan Feni (a drink made from cashew fruit), and dip your nose into Goan sausages, Vindaloo, Pao, sorpotel and the famous Goan fish curry. Do not forget the local sweet Bebinca, made from layered pancakes and sweetened coconut milk. 

3. Kolkata: If sweets like rasgullas and sandesh are what comes to your mind on hearing Bengal, those who’ve been to the streets of Kolkata will offer a list you wouldn’t hear the end of. The fiery jhaalmuri, puchkas that set your tongue on fire and the unforgettable taste of Hilsa (fresh water fish) cooked in mustard gravy; as well as the quick egg rolls wrapped in tangy sauce: all these are Kolkata’s very own. 

4. Lucknow: Wish to eat like a king? Head to Lucknow, an elaborate spread awaits you. The Lucknowi fare has come to be synonymous with that of royalty, what with the recipes being originally made for kings. Dig into variety of kebabs, ranging from Kakori, Shami, Boti, Patili, Ghutwa and Seekh. Dum style cooking andAwadhicuisine: we owe it all to Lucknow. 

5. Mumbai: Vadapav and masala tea, anyone? Mumbai deserves full credit for making the tasty, stomach- filling, yet cheap vadapav a staple. Just as it suits the office goers, here is a grub that can be had in a hurry, and yet is filling and nutritious. Mumbai is a melting point of a mix of food habits: Irani, Chinese, Korean, and Continental: the cosmopolitan dwellers imply that the city has a wide variety of cuisine to offer. Street food is most popular in Mumbai, including Panipuri, Bhelpuri, and Dabeli and South Indian dishes. 

6. Ahmedabad: A haven for vegetarians: one gets a banquet of delightful vegetarian indulgencesin Gujarat. From the tasty khandvi and Dhokla (both snacks made from gram flour and curd) to the rich, creamy Basundi, and again; an assortment of chaats – one cannot stop at just one pick. 

7. Hyderabad: One stop that is a non- vegetarian’s dream come true. Spicy and full of flavor, much of the cuisine is oriented around meat and rice: local biryani and the stew chaakna and Mirchkasalan (yes,chili curry!) will not fail the spice- lover’s tongue. Street food such as pakora, kheemesamosa, Tootak (spicy kheema in gram flour batter) are a few specialties from Hyderabad.          

8. Kochi: When it comes to serving guests, God’s own country is in top gear. If you cannot fathom the idea of having coconut in your food, Kochi will teach you otherwise. The traditional Kerala thali or sadya (cooked mostly in coconut oil) which includes close to 28 dishes, such as  the mixed vegetable dish, the tangy, tasty aviyal to the sweet- sour- spicy pulyinji (tamarind-ginger dish) has a unique flavor. Ripe banana chips is a favorite among non- Keralites. Non- vegetarians: do not miss the Kerala porota – beef fry combo.

 9. Coorg/ Kodagu: Tucked in coffee plantations and picturesque hills, the Kodava community has a very unique food culture. Snacks are largely rice and coconut based. Among these, what a foodie will take away is the taste of Coorgi pandi curry (pork in a spicy tamarind flavored sauce) with kadambuttu(steamed rice balls). 

10. Chennai:  Here’s the place that gave India its favourite breakfast menu: Dosa, Idly, Sambar. A variety of chutneys, Chennai’s authentic Rasam and vegetarian dishes the way only Tamilians can make it. And not to miss the fliter coffee, Chennai is a sure show stopper for the food lover.   

But really- to single out a few towns in India as serving the best food? We believe it is an impossible task that we set out to do; and one that we cannot do justice to. We say, every small town in India hasa share of indigenous and exotic recipes to tickle our taste buds. Nowgo on, and binge. And give us a new list next time. Happy eating!


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