Who are some great Indians that most people have not heard of?

Mr. P V Saar, the puppet seller, Connaught Place, Delhi

He is alive inspiration and a real example of  never say die attitude, at the age of 75.

Mr Sahay is a living example for the people who are scared to struggle, he is 75 and still working. At this age, he commutes daily from Rohtak (which is about 85 km from Delhi) with a bag full of puppets which makes difficult for him to even walk.

He has a railway pass which enables him to commute daily from Rohtak. He earns for his wife, married daughter and her children. He happens to be a Retired Bank manager, of a multinational bank but that bank stopped operations in India. He had a son who was a  chartered accountant, he had spent all his fortune for his son's career.

His son moved to Bahrain, UAE without informing him and after some time a news came to him that his son had died in an accident, now he was the sole bread winner for his family, and he had already spent all his fortune on his son.

He chose to accept the fate and started working to support his family and never asked for help from anyone. He doesn't deserve what he is doing at this age.

Here is the inspiring video about "Mr. Sahay"!


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