Dumbest things about life in India

Dumbest things about life in India

1. We don't have a culture of vacation. We focus a lot on saving for future (which is good) when we should live in the present. 
2. We don't believe in following traffic rules. Not driving in lane and violating rules  only disrupts smooth traffic movement. 
3. We (irrespective of education) don't hesitate in throwing garbage on the road. And there's no realization that it makes our environment polluted. 
4. We have divided ourselves based on religion. Everything starts and end on this topic. God even don’t know about this rule. He made human not Hindu,Muslim, Punjabi, Jain, Christian.
5. Patriarchy is in our blood. 
6. We panic if a girl in the family is approaching 30s and is unmarried.
7. We are mindlessly following western culture and feel proud about western clothes, food, movies etc. 
8. If you aren’t an Engineer/Doctor, you must have been weak in studies because apparently science is the smart people’s choice and economics/arts are left-over choices for the academically dumb people.
9. Black Cat, Lizard, Snake – These animals decide our fate sometimes: ‘A black cat crossing your path’ or ‘Lizard falling on your left shoulder’ or‘Killing a snake’.
10. Sportsmen/Filmstars are God 
11. Indian Media is Immature: Everyday sting operations, showing absurd entertainment programmer, hurting sentiments of people has become face of media in today’s time. Not only sentiments but also destabilize the life of many celebrities by disturbing their privacy.
12. Governments and families hide such issues like HIV, suicides and female fetus destroying. There's a huge HIV issue in India, yet nobody talks about it - it's a taboo. The same goes with an inordinate amount of husband and wife cheating, children sexual abuse (usually men abuse their daughters) and so many other issues
13. boys are the hero of house and girls are the burden on house.
14. lack of jobs and lots of competition. There is not a good ratio of job and individual.
15. widows and divorce women are like a curse to society. But what’s their fault in this ?
16. Child labour :- future of our country is serving food in restaurants and doing laboring.
17.Spending thousands and lakhs of rupees as donation for temple/Church/mosque but not giving a tenner for an old age home or orphan.
18. Private jobs are bad people work like donkey and government jobs are best. You get money with comfort.
19. It is almost impossible to live as a guy, lesbian or bisexual in this society without noticing the fact that most of the people will see you as a freak of nature.
20. Politicians are made for us and to solve our daily struggles. But it is more important to solve their own struggle


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