The Real Heroes: An Inspiration To Find “Purpose Of Life

What is a Purpose of our Life? What is our Purpose of spending time from Birth to Death on the Earth? Many of us are confused to answer this important question in life! Whether Purpose of life is just Getting Education/degrees -> Job/Entrepreneurship -> Earn Money -> Car -> Big house-> Marry-> Raising kids -> Get retire with Pension-> Spend time with Grandchildren -> and Die some day? Are we born just to do this repeatedly over the years and years on the earth? Well, we waste lots of time and energy thinking, searching answer to this. How to make life meaningful?

Actually, we can find answer by looking at other people in society. They might have lived a normal life, even less educated than us or not rich/financially stable. But, they didn’t just sit idle waiting and thinking. Instead, they have started walking on the path of their purpose/goals of life slowly but steady and made a big difference not only in their life but also to society. They’ve changed the way we look to life and became inspirations to many people around through their Karma /work/Deeds/Action and also helped others to find their Purpose of life! So, instead of just thinking take a simple step (may be a first baby step) towards your Purpose of Life!

Here is a collection of some of such simple/humble but very influential people in our society.

Ms. Pushpa Basnet,Kathmandu-Nepal

Purpose of Life : Pusha Basnet (Top 10, CNN Heroes of 2012 award )a social worker and founder of Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC) and butterfly home in Kathmandu, Nepal. She runs Day Care School for children who were having no option but to stay in prison with their mother. She has started school for these kids who used to stay with their mother in Jail. Her organization, ECDC website: She has also received CNN Heroes of The year 2012

Mrs Anuradha Koirala – Kathmandu-Nepal

Purpose of life : Anuradha Koirala (Winner: Top 10 , CNN Heroes-2011 award ), a Nepali Hindu social activist who works on stopping young girl’s trafficking and founder of Maiti Nepal . She has rescued around 12000 girls from trafficking/selling since 1993 and provided shelter to victims of such trafficking at Maiti Nepal home – a non-profit organization.

Mrs. Sindhutai Sapkal-Pune, India

Purpose of Life: Sindhutai Sapkal , people also referred her as Mother of Orphans or “Mai” (Means Mother in Marathi language). Raising herself and daughter from poverty and difficult conditions in her 20s ; she has also opened a shelter for Orphans as a mission of her life. Till 2012 she has given shelter to about 1442 orphans . Many of those are educated, married and living normal life. A Marathi movie (biography), “Mee SindhuTai Sapkal” ( IMDB and Wikipedia) , based on her life was also released in 2010 which has own India’s prestigious National Film Awards: Special Jury Award, Best Screenplay, Best Dialogues and Male playback singer. Google search results regarding her organization and work are: (1) See Wikipedia about her shelter homes in Maharashtra state, India here , (2) Organization website and (3) phone number/contact details of organization is mentioned here . Apart from various awards she was also awarded CNN-IBN (India) Heroes Award.

Mr. Narayanan Krishan, Madurai, India

Purpose of Life: Since last 10 years, Mr Narayan Krishnan (Winner: Top 10 – CNN Hero 2010 award ), a former 5 star chef turned to social activist, is feeding about 425 street beggars, ill and homeless people in his town 3 times a everyday for whole year since about last 10 years. His has chosen this as purpose of his Life and founded Akshaya Trust (Aksyaya is a Sanskrit word, which means something which will remain forever) at Madurai Southern state Tamil Nadu in India. He was also invited to TED talks.


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