1. Place: Trincomalee (Sri Lanka) Appellation : Sankari Peetham Part of the body fallen : Heart Shakti :- Sankari devi

Shankari Devi temple is located on a hill top. Trikoneshwara temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. “Ravana Veddu” is the other name for the hill on which Lord Trikoneshwara temple is situated.

Trikoneshwara is one of the four important Shiva temples in Sri Lanka. The other three are in Keetheswaram, Muneeswaram and Galle.

The deity was worshipped more than 2500 years ago, even before Prince Vijay one of the first Kings who is said to have landed in Sri Lanka during 300 BC. The Trikoneshwara temple at its height of glory was one of the richest temples in the South. The ancient Shiva temple was a large structure on the rock. According to Archaeological and literary evidence, there were at least three temples on the hill top. The Gopurams of the temples were taller than one another and the tallest gopuram overseeing the Indian Ocean, had the main deity. The main temple itself was a huge structure with nearly 1000 pillars supporting the huge hall and many small mandaps.



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