Tulu Catholics - Padvals

During the sixteenth and seventeenth century, a significantly large number of Goan Catholics, migrated to Canara due to a variety of reasons. The arrival of the Christians, particularly from Goa to the Canara was neither completely voluntary no completely peaceful. The migration was the result of religious, political, economic, cultural, social and other causes.Padvals were the local Catholic converts of South Canara and did not mix with the Christian immigrants from Goa. Padval is evidently the konkanised form of aJain Bunt surname Padival, and thus historian Severine Silva in his The Marriage Customs of the Christians in South Canara, India (1965), speculates that the Padvals in the Christian community were Jain converts. Their descendants constitute a minor caste among the Mangalorean Catholics of Dakshina Kannada. According to Mangalorean genealogist Michael Lobo, the major Padval clans are the Rodrigues family of Ambepol, BantwalBejai, Nod and Kadri; Tauro family of Bantwal, Kodialbail and Kankanadi; Lobo family of Bellore, Derebail and Mermajal; and D'Souza family of Bejai, Kadri and Vamanjoor.

The actual mother tongue of these people was tulu but because of intermarriage with konkani catholic, lack of tulu services in church and this was tiny population they later got mixed with major chunk of Konkani Catholic. Thats how their mother tongue tulu was replaced by konkani.

This is the reason we have tamil, telugu, kannada, malayalam, marathi, punjabi speaking Catholics but not Tulu...


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